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Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Day Moments
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Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Day Moments


The energy of excitement and anticipation as you see each other for the first time. It makes the day real. Everything around you vanishes, leaving only the two of you gazing. One of you exhales. The other smiles. Here we go!


Your eyes lighting up as you see your reception room for the first time. You’ve imagined it, but nothing compares to standing in the space and seeing each detail come to life. We’ll be honest. We’ve been just as excited to show it to you!


Seeing you dance with your parents. Today is a celebration for them, too. Their combined joy and astonishment comes from a whirlwind of flashbacks. To their wedding day, to your many firsts growing up, all while trying to figure out how the years have flown so fast. In this moment, with you, they are doing everything in their power to make time … stand … still.

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